Beautifully Colored Abstract Paintings

Artist Yolanda Sanchez creates stunning abstract paintings that are beautifully colored. Using primarily oil paint, Sanchez alternates between large and soft brushstrokes. In her artist statement, Sanchez explains,
"My work is a gathering of my awareness of being and my experiences of moving with and living among other beings, places and things. It is my desire to become a more “finely tuned observer” and to live more in the moment. Making art for me is a way of being present in the world; it is an act of attention. And through this attention, I give back and offer praise to the world. As such, my work is celebratory, expanding, opening, and about offering pleasure." 
See more of Sanchez's work here.
Yolanda Sanchez
Yolanda Sanchez Artist


  1. Replies
    1. Right? I love these paintings, too.

  2. I usually don't like abstract paintings, but my taste is changing and I definitely find these beautiful and inspiring.


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